– "Silent Buildings" is a students' project that combines unused, empty spaces with contemporary music. We want to give young composers an opportunity to present their work freely in a
non-traditional way.
It was once a place full of people and sound, prosperous and used. Now an empty space. Silence. Let's find a new sound, a new use, new people. Let's break the silence.
For a while…


light / space / music

The iniative of Anna Laborová and Petra Čtveráčková, two students of musicology, brought this idea into being in the beginning of 2015. The basic concept - to offer students of composition an opportunity to perform their pieces - is in its essence simple and natural. In reality, students rarely get these opportunities outside schools. Organizers have decided to give composers a new, non-traditional option of playing contemporary classical music someplace other than concert halls at schools and take the music where people may perceive it through all senses and where the space completes the whole experience and atmosphere.

A factory hall on the premises of an old factory building of MEZ Židenice, built in 1950, has been chosen for this purpose. There are currently a few companies residing there, a part is used as a storehouse and some floors are abandoned. The hall offers a minimalistic atmosphere, endless rows of windows and a view of Brno's railway. It is a space in need of motion and revival. A space for music.

Summary of concert:

Full footage of concert:

video: Filip Dufka, Marek Bartečko

Compositions that could be heard at Ztichlé budovy I:

Markéta HUSKOVÁ / 1st year student of composition at JAMU
_FUGKA no. 1 – Markéta Husková on blowpipe
_KALINA – Veronika Coganová on clarinet

Petra ČTVERÁČKOVÁ / 4th year student of composition at Brno Conservatory and 2nd year student of musicology at MUNI
_Žítkovské elegie – Petr Blaha on cymbalo

Filip HOLACKÝ / 5th year student of viola at Brno Conservatory
_Sonáta pro sólovou violu (Solo viola Sonata) – Filip Holacký on viola

Jakub GYÖNYÖR / 3rd year student of composition at Brno Conservatory
_bez názvu (no name) – a composition for solo guitar played by Jakub Gyönyör

Otto WANKE / Konservatorium Wien a Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien
_Stufen – a piece for violin and electronic music, Hana Novotná on violin

Jiří DVOŘÁK / 1st year student of composition at Brno Conservatory
_Tři procházky s E. Satiem a vzpomínka na ně (Three walks with E. Satie and a memory of them) – Pavel Šabacký on bass clarinet

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