– "Silent Buildings" is a students' project that combines unused, empty spaces with contemporary music. We want to give young composers an opportunity to present their work freely in a
non-traditional way.
It was once a place full of people and sound, prosperous and used. Now an empty space. Silence. Let's find a new sound, a new use, new people. Let's break the silence.
For a while…


28 4 2016

Young composers will individually and freely work on their pieces inspired by the space and the result will be a mixture of compositions working with space and echo, lights and shadow and anything else the artist may find inspiring. The date of the concert is April 28, 2016, the pieces should be composed anywhere from January to April 2016.

_A call to composers/ended_
Do you have your own music? Do you have ideas? Do you lack space and opportunities? Experimental electronics? A string quartet? Conceptual minimalism? We'll see. We'll adapt. We experiment.

You have until February 7, 2016 to send us a recorded sample of your work to ztichlebudovy@gmail.com and we will send further information in return. Then, we'll put together a concert that will work as a whole. Each of the attendees will then perform a new composition tailored to this space.

Create Ztichlé budovy II with us.
Let's break the silence.

MEZ Židenice, Jílkova 124,615 32 Brno-Židenice Two factory buildings towering alone over the low housebuildings in Židenice. After cessating the bussiness in 1995, some spaces have found new tenants, other are still waiting…

video: Filip Dufka, Jiří Kokeš, Wombat Pictures
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